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Your customers are online, waiting for you to reach them. Superfly helps you research, establish, optimise, audit, and manage your PPC campaigns. 

We do not help you spend your budget, we help you make more money out of it. We tie our earnings to the success of your campaigns. Our PPC services are based on transparent delivery in which you know where your campaigns are spending and why they are spending there. 


Get placed among the top search results when your potential clients and customers search for terms that are relevant to your products and services. Advertise to your most qualified audience.

Campaign development and competitive analysis

Keywords research and feasibility analysis

Ad groups and multiple ad copy creation

Landing page optimization assistance

Remarketing and custom audiences

Negative keywords and audience exclusions

Strategic bid management

A/B testing

Ad groups management and account monitoring

Auditing, performance reporting, and optimization


Digital Advertising Worldwide

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“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time"
Henry Ford

Why choose Superfly Digital?

We cover all your digital marketing requirements under one house. You do not have to go to separate agencies for your website, social media, advertising, etc. We get everything covered for you under one roof. It saves you administrative time spent on managing separate agencies. It also ensures integrated marketing communications.

Our digital marketing services are focused on providing you benefits. We do not run campaigns just for the purpose of doing some sort of digital marketing. Our services are focused on providing you clear benefits in terms of business success. Any activity performed is supposed to generate some kind of benefit that you can enjoy.

Digital marketing keeps on changing all the time. Every aspect gets updated and improved. What is relevant today will not be relevant tomorrow. It is crucial to keep updating with all the changes. We make sure that our teams are fully updated so that you never lag behind.

We create long-term relationship with our clients. Our focus does not end with the assignment we are hired for. We make sure that the projects generate the expected benefits and we fix any issues that our clients may face after the initial set up.

Why clients trust Superfly

A large number of PPC services companies charge their clients on a percentage basis of their budgets. This creates a conflict of interest because the agency wants you to increase your budget so that it can earn more. Our agency charges a flat fee based upon the complexity of your PPC campaign. It doesn’t matter to us if you spend more. In fact, for us, the best is that you spend less and gain a lot. We make sure that our goals are aligned.

PPC Services

We analyse thousands of relevant keywords to find the ones that suit you best; study the volume, bids, and feasibility of known keywords; find out negative words to minimize wasted expenditure, and look for unknown keywords that you can profitably target.

We set up your PPC campaign and create ads; set keyword-match types, audiences and exclusions, demographics, geo-targeting, daily budgets, bidding strategy, placement settings, and everything else to create a comprehensive campaign.

We monitor the performance of your campaign, conduct A/B testing to improve performance of ads, find and apply modifications to further improve performance, fix issues, and increase the ROI of your campaign.

If you already have a PPC campaign set up in your account and the campaign is not performing as expected, we conduct an audit to find out the problems and make recommendations to fix them.

Super efficient and creative. Super cooperative and understanding of client needs. Technically competent. Great team. We've had a great experience with them over 3/4 years.
Golden Melodies Pvt Ltd


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